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SEPTEMBER 18th - 20th

we help everyday people create wealth through real estate
    (...using other people's money)

Get the financial freedom you deserve.

Get a proven investing formula

Earn consistent monthly cash flow

Create real wealth

Secure Your Future. This Is The Time To Take Action!

The real estate market is too hot to stay frozen in place due to the Coronavirus.

While the world moves in slow motion, we’re going to show you how to seize the unprecedented opportunities that exist right now. That’s why we’re making possible something we’ve never made possible before... a virtual Home Flipping Workshop event.

Stop the guesswork. We'll hand you proven strategies.

During the 3-Day event, you’ll learn how to:

  • FIND profitable properties right in your backyard
  • FUND your deals WITHOUT using your own money or credit
  • FLIP with our proven formula to make thousands
  • HOLD when there’s recurring revenue to be made

Start Investing WITHOUT Using Your Own Money or Credit

NO Experience Required

Real Estate Investing Made Simple.

“We’re inviting you to this workshop because we’ve seen people use this training to transform their lives. If you invest three days with us, we will personally walk you through our proven formula for creating wealth through real estate investing, without using your own money (or credit)! We can’t wait to meet you!” 

— Glenn & Amber Schworm

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Do you know what financial freedom feels like?
    Our students do...

They implemented the SAME proven systems we used to flip nearly 600 homes and generate $57 million in business since 2008.

What Makes the Workshop So Special?

FINALLY, a real estate event where you leave with actual strategies and a clear plan for building a successful business.

  • Learn how to use other people’s money to start investing
  • After the 3-Day workshop, you’ll be confident you have the skills to be successful
  • Get access to all the real estate opportunities in your area
  • Leave with a plan you can implement immediately

Get access to profitable insider secrets, including:

  • The exact formula used to KNOW you're getting a great deal on a property
  • How to find real estate deals no matter where you live or where you want to invest
  • The trick to funding your deals WITHOUT your own money or credit
  • How to evaluate properties before you buy, so you know your potential profit upfront
  • How to RECESSION-PROOF your real estate investment game
  • Our systematic fix and rehab method that MAXIMIZES value with minimum expense
  • When holding a property is a better investment than flipping and selling
  • How to build a strong long-term rental portfolio with consistent monthly cash flow

This workshop will deliver a clear plan for investing success and financial peace

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Get A System And Support

Existing Investors Learn How To Go NEXT-LEVEL!

We help you grow faster and make more money per deal. 
Here are some incredible success stories from our students that were already investing when they came to us. After our training, they went from just a few flips or rentals to scaling into a MAJOR business... and now are enjoying a complete lifestyle change.

What are YOUR goals?

To Increase Your Income? To Build for Retirement? Do You Want To Change Careers?

It's time to create your Best Life.

You know there’s more out there for you and you know you need more income to get where you want to go. You have a strong desire to advance but aren’t sure how. Whether you’re brand new to the real estate investing game or you’re already investing and want to grow and scale your business to the next level but you need guidance to make it happen. That’s where we come in.

Investing in Real Estate is the Key to Living Your Best Life.

Real estate is the ONLY industry where the average, everyday person can create wealth. Whether you have a lot of money or none at all, great credit or bad credit. No matter where you are, there is a way for you to get into the real estate game, flip houses, hold rental properties without being a landlord and truly begin to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Meet Your Trainers

We’re Glenn and Amber Schworm, and we’re passionate about helping everyday people create wealth through real estate investing. We’ve been buying and selling properties successfully for more than a decade. We’ve flipped 600+ homes and counting, generate monthly cash flow with rental properties without having to be landlords, and have produced $57 million and counting in total revenue throughout our careers. Through coaching and mentoring, we’ve taught thousands of people in our Home Flipping Workshops and continue to see our students succeed and truly transform their lives. We’re committed to teaching as many people as possible what we’ve learned from our years of experience so you can create immediate cash flow, grow your assets, and build long-term passive income.

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A virtual on-site tour of actual properties

Get on-site strategies and techniques to maximize your profits. Ask questions in real-time and learn the insider tips that make a flip close FAST!

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